Tuesday, April 21, 2009

2-Weeks Old

Dear Matthew,

Today you turned 2-weeks old. The time has flown by so fast, I just can't believe it's already been 2 weeks. And to think, you are not even supposed to be here for another 2 weeks! Our life has been turned completely upside-down, yet I couldn't be happier.

Apparently, sleeping for 3-hours at a time two nights ago (April 19-20), was too good to be true, and you decided that it was time for revenge last night. You were up every 90-minutes demanding more food. Don't get me wrong, I love feeding you, and as exhausted as I am, I wouldn't have it any other way. BUT... 90-minutes? C'mon, let's try for 2-hours at a time, OK? I promise that it will help you have a much happier Mommy. Really! And as a bonus, I might even be able to stay awake...

Mommy gave you a bath this morning, all on her own. Apparently I got the water temperature just right (again), so you pretty much curled up in the bath tub and went to sleep. The only time you cried out (and it was only a little bit), was when I removed the warm towel that was covering you in an attempt to wash your belly and back. As soon as I replaced the towel, you went right back to sleep. Silly little boy!

Daddy and I took you to see your pediatrician today. You now weigh exactly 6 pounds, just 1-ounce shy of your birth weight. Not only that, but when the nurse measured your length, you surprised us by growing an entire inch! Way to go, little guy!

Today you had to have your PKU test done. It's just a screening test that is required by law, but it requires yet another heel prick. Mommy really dislikes heel pricks. As usual, the nurse brought out a latex glove filled with warm water to hold on your heel for a few minutes before hand, but this time the water really wasn't very warm. So Mommy untied it, emptied it, and refilled it, and Daddy held it in place until the nurse was ready to collect the needed blood. The glove worked like a charm - you barely even whimpered when the lancet stabbed you. The nurse let Daddy hold you against his chest, and you pretty much slept the entire time. Piece of cake!

You and I had a very busy afternoon. Mommy's friend Cheri came and kidnapped us, and Mommy was excited because she has been home-bound (or hospital bound) for 2-weeks, because she still isn't allowed to drive the car. We went to J&L Gardens in Bountiful, where you were quite the attraction. Many people commented on how cute you are, and particularly how small you are. I am sure that Cheri was quite tired of hearing Mommy say "He's 2-weeks old, weighs 6 pounds, and was born 4-weeks early!" Once concerned woman asked me if you were "safe in this environment?" I guess maybe she thought you were too little to be out exploring the world, but I think you did just fine.

Once Cheri finished her shopping, we went to Ben & Jerry's at The Gateway in order to participate in "Free Cone Day!" Mommy got Chocolate Macadmia because I knew that was what you were secretly hoping to try. Right? OK, maybe not... but it was delicious. Trust me.

After we got home and rested for a few hours, Mommy and Daddy took you and your big sisters to Ben & Jerry's once again. They were running out of flavors to choose from this time around, so you and I sampled the Strawberry (though your 'sample' didn't arrive until many hours later in the form of 'milk'), the girls chose Chocolate, and Daddy chose Vanilla.

Matthew sleeps while the family enjoys free ice cream from Ben & Jerry's.

Oh Matthew, I love you so much. I love holding you and watching you sleep. I love being able to breast-feed you, though I could really do without the initial "CHOMP!" that you greet me with each and every time. I even love changing your diapers because each and every poopie diaper is one step closer to being completely jaundice free. You are still 'in the clear' but your face still appears to be a little bit yellow, yet it is nothing to be concerned about at this stage of the game. You are doing so well!

Love, Mommy

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